Long Exposure Photography with Vanguard Professional Uros Podlogar
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Long Exposure Photography with Vanguard Professional Uros Podlogar

Long Exposure Photography

with Vanguard Professional Uros Podlogar

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Long exposure photography produces stunning photos. It imparts a feeling of movement and mystique in photos. No special or expensive photo gear is needed for long exposure photography. It is a demanding, although not the most demanding type of photography. The crucial thing is to think about the shot and to prepare well.

171_s11_sThe most important advice I can give to achieve long exposure photography is ensure you have stability. And my second and third pieces of advice: stability and stability. Even the slightest vibration can ruin the whole photo.

225_s93a_sI cannot imagine long exposure photography without Vanguard's tripods. Lately I am most excited about the new VEO 265CB carbon fiber travel tripod; I take it along everywhere since it is so lightweight, compact, and very stable.

6A remote control is also useful, though not as important as the tripod. You can use the camera’s shutter delay instead to avoid any vibration caused by pressing the shutter release.

1_sTo achieve the effect of misty water during the day, I use a 10 stop neutral density filter because I want the shutter to be open for several seconds. If you do not wish to use a filter, then you need to practice long exposure photography at dusk or dawn. Or in caves.

11 (2)_sIt does take some practice to achieve the desired results in long exposure photography. But once you do, you will be very excited and proud of your results.


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